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The end of Freedom: How our monetary system enslaves us

John Thore Stub Sneisen

In the End of Freedom, the author John Thore Stub Sneisen shows us how throughout history the current type of monetary system has helped to keep the people in control of it wealthy and the people using it poor. By the creation of money directly by printing it or by lowering interest rates on debt and therefore making money easy to access, but the people accessing the cheap money are losing as the money they make loses value and buys less over time. Also it makes it harder for them to pay back the debt they have accumulated. Bankers and other people with money will be able to loot the countries going bankrupt and having to sell off their commodities and land to pay off the debt.

He also shows how Elites use war to cover over massive inflation and failure of monetary systems.

“Max Freeman” is the online presence of Wayan Garvey, who goes by Max in real life as well. In 2018, Max was inspired to create a new currency system that would have the potential to improve the lives of billions of people. The technology existed, what was lacking was the vision. Since then, Max has been joined by thousands of talented individuals to help him make this vision a reality through EPICENTER DAO.